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XmlToObject is a .Net library for object serialization with use of XPath expressions applied to class fields and properties via custom attributes.


I started working on this project when I had to integrate with an application API that was using quite generic Xml schemas ('/object[@type]/field[@name]') and I wanted to create a layer of POCO objects to simplify my business code.
I had a choice: to mirror the generic Xml structure in my classes and have the serialization for free, or create classes with specific strong-typed properties, but at cost of writing all serialization code manually. I didn't like either option, so I made an attempt on serialization library that uses the XPath to map the properties to Xml elements/attributes and allows serialization with the data shaping capabilities.


The library is currently in beta.


The best place to start is an Intro page.

If you are ready for more details, please look into Tutorial.

You can also go directly to the API Reference.


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